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SoundBoards Playing Cards

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LIMITED EDITION: Only 2500 printed! Will NOT be reprinted.

Soundboards Playing Cards was first created by Patrick Varnavas in 2014 and was then released in 2015. That first edition was printed in blue and, shortly after, a red version was teased -- but never ended up becoming a reality until now.

Now, for the first time since their original 2015 release, new Soundboards is being printed through collaboration between Patrick Varnavas and Riffle Shuffle. It is an honor to introduce the newest edition of Soundboards to the world after nearly 4 years of waiting.

The Soundboards Playing Cards was created to celebrate vintage audio gear like 80s cassette players and gramophones. The back design incorporates major pieces of audio equipment from different eras into one harmonious setup. The design is detailed and easy to stare at, finding a balance between simplicity and complexity.

The deck's traditionally reversible and intricate back design, illustrated by Stuart Palm, has held up over the years and has been left largely unchanged in this red edition with the exception of a few small details.

This time the cards are coming from USPCC on their Crushed Premium stock, a welcome change for all card handlers.

Limited edition of 2500 decks.

Every detail from the original Soundboard's memorable box has been faithfully recreated in this new red edition, featuring added structural improvements to enhance the box's functionality. Fans of the original deck will feel the nostalgia immediately, and the deck's ties to vintage audio gear will get everybody else feeling the nostalgia too. Both the richness of the era it represents and its complex but comfortable design make the Soundboards a deck that's sure to resonate with all who find it.