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Bicycle Vintage Holiday Collection (4 Decks)

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Bicycle Vintage Holiday Collection. 4 piece deck set, designed to awaken your memories of childhood holiday traditions, when Christmas was magical, trick or treating was fun, Valentine's day was sweet, and the Easter bunny was scary.

This hand-drawn set will add nostalgia to your family game nights and will be sure to kindle trips down memory lane. Great for boomers.

Bicycle Vintage Valentine Playing Cards

Well, flip your bob and put on your Mary Janes, its Valentines Day! Cupid is flying around with his bow and arrow and hes aiming to shoot a little love at you, and you, and you too!

Mysterious chocolate candies in heart shaped boxes, chalky conversation hearts relaying secret messages for your eyes only, red velvet rose bouquets garnished with babys breath, fancy, candle lit dinners are all traditional ways to woo your partner, and, of course, you must find the perfect sentimental card to relay your deepest thoughts of romance.

This year, send your valentine PLAYING CARDS. The perfect valentine card for the avid collector of playing cards!

Bicycle Vintage Easter Playing Cards

Easter...the pastels; pink, blue, yellow, green, purple... the grass turned into a colorful sea of treat-filled plastic eggs. We wore our special Easter outfits, suits for the boys, bonnets and Mary Jane shoes for the girls and anticipated the gifts we would find in our Easter basket! Marshmallow Peeps, chocolate bunnies, stuffed animals, springtime outdoor toys, and sometimes cash!

But, if you were very small, mom and dad would take you to see the Easter bunny, a giant, humanoid rodent with great big teeth! You would be placed on his lap like a sacrificial offering. What kind of voodoo is this? A large plush animal that talked?? Take me off of him now!!

Vintage Easter is the final deck in the nostalgic 4 deck set of holiday remembrance of the past. Playing with these decks can unlock more memories and instigate fun conversation in any group setting.

Bicycle Halloween Playing Cards

Remember when your neighborhood was your kingdom? You always knew where the gang was because thats where all the bicycles were parked. You could go anywhere, as long as you came home when the street lights came on.

But on Halloween, nightfall was when the day began, bed sheet ghosts, witches with pointy hats and brooms, hobos with cast off clothing, messy hair, smudged faces, and a knapsack on a stick over their shoulders.

Some kids planned their costumes for weeks, covering card board boxes with aluminum foil to become robots, and some moms sewed elaborate princess gowns for their beautiful girls, but the most common costumes of the day were from the Five and Dime, plastic mask with elastic string and eyeholes, breathing was optional.

Kids stayed out until nearly bedtime, covering as much ground as possible. When they got home they excitedly spilled their loot all over the floor, separated and traded with their siblings, and fell asleep dreaming of the days spooky events.

The Vintage Halloween Playing Cards was created to bring back the vibes of the atomic era, from the well dressed mom at the door, passing out candy from her iconic Pyrex bowl to the beautiful atomic star design on the back cards. This is a deck youll enjoy playing with for years to come.

Bicycle Christmas Playing Cards

Christmas was a magical time for a child in the1960s. The Christmas tree sparkled with tinsel and ornaments, the twinkling lights filled the dimly familiar rooms with a whole new ambiance of hope and possibilities. Christmas carols played on the hi-fi, and fruity punch was served out of a sparking crystal bowl into small, matching cups.

We believed a jolly man would sneak into our homes while we slept. How hard we tried to stay awake to spot him in the skies, hoping to catch him eating the cookies we left out for him.

At the first crack of daylight we excitedly shook our siblings awake and ran down the stairs in our still-warm pajamas to find our names amongst the gayly wrapped packages; a bicycle with a banana seat! A life size doll! The best Christmas ever!

Customer Reviews

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Thomas Watts
What you would expect, and one that isn't!

I picked these up fully expecting run of the mill, generic holiday themed cards. When I saw the Easter...? Surprise!! Immediately one of my favorite decks. look at it to see why.