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Tempo Lab Plus Playing Cards Set

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Tempo-Lab Plus Concept - UV Electro-optic Box Set

Turn the unconstrained creativity into reality

"Plus" is the concept version of TEMPO. Just as its literal definition, 'Plus' stands for: 'Going Further'. We hope to push innovation to the extreme, conceive bolder design ideas, and to materialize unconstrained creativity into real products.

Pushing tempo lab's sense of technology to the extreme is the goal set at the beginning of the birth of the plus concept. After nearly a year of independent research and development and polishing, we can be proud to announce that we have done it!

Double-sided & full-page color goil, cost 35,000 USD to develop

Foiling is a manufacturing process that a layer of metallic foil is placed on the surface of the paper to give the card stock a metallic texture. This is the preferred process to portray a sense of futurism and the high-tech.

We decided to use double-sided, full-colored foil to present this concept product, and to apply this technology to our craft to the greatest extent possible. This has also been the biggest challenge in the entire product development process.

After numerous testing and proofing, the total cost was well above 35,000 USD. Finally, we are able to present the final product you see here. The front and back of each card are entirely covered with metallic foil that extends to the edge of the card. What's more, owing to the application of sub thin technology, even sides of the deck are covered in metallic foil, the card stock still retains its light and thin feel and handling. At present, it maybe the thinnest cards that is covered in metallic foil on both sides in the world.

Sunlight Color-Change & Laser Foil Card Box

The TEMPO Lab Plus tuck box adds a sunlight color-changing effect on top of the original TEMPO Lab tuck box design. The appearance of the brand box is black and white under indoor light. Yet, when exposed to sunlight or UV light, the tuck box will undergo a color change process, from white to purple, in a couple of seconds. The light purple and gilded purple of the cards compliment each other, forming a shining light in the sun.

The set includes an aluminum alloy lithium UV light-emitting pen and cool self-elevating gift box/protective case. Limited to 2500 sets. Individually numbered seal.

  • Independent Research & Development: Double-sided & Full-colored foil cards.
  • Sunlight Color Changing card-box.
  • The world's first flip-up card-box structure.
  • An aluminum alloy lithium UV light pen is included in the gift box.
  • Cool self-elevating gift box/protective cases.
  • Limited to 2500 sets. Individually numbered seal.