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Bicycle King of Cards Magic Stripper Deck by Collectible Playing Cards

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Unleash your inner magician with the Bicycle King of Cards Stripper deck! This custom-made deck from Collectible Playing Cards allows you to perform hundreds of incredible tricks without any sleight of hand. With 6 included gaff cards, you can even create your own miracles. Watch as Houdini escapes chains with the gaffed jokers, or witness the card box transform with a simple shake. So much magical potential in one deck!

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6 Gaff Cards included with 2 Card Reveals

King of Cards Gaff Card.

Magically change the front of tuck case and the reveal card.

Opening Lock Gaff Card.

Perform the illusion of the locks opening or closing.

Joker Gaff Cards

Perform Houdini Escaping from Chains.

King of Cards Magic Stripper Deck

Perform hundreds of magic tricks with the

Bicycle King of Cards Stripper deck.

Customer Reviews

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Tony C
Love the cards!

Loving these Houdini cards. Great design, beautiful worn look and great Houdini images. Love the 13th card in the deck and am already coming up with fun routines that specialize with a Houdini story. Oh, and they feel wonderful!