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Bicycle Emotions Playing Cards (1st Run) - (Out of Print) By Collectable Playing Cards

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\"Emotions\"- playing cards ....will share every emotion with you during a poker game or any other card game. It will cry, laugh, get angry or get scared with you. You got a pair of deuces in your hand, bluff,..all in! Will the other player fold..? Your heart skips a beat, you don\'t show it. If he folds, you\'re happy, you don\'t show it. If he calls.., with a pair of threes, you\'re angry, you don\'t show it. You go home with empty pockets, you cry :(

12 Custom unique emotion court cards. 2 Jokers, one with a reveal. One blank face card. Bound to be a true collectable deck!. Printed by USPCC.

Limited Edition 1st Run Gold Seal. Only 2500 1st run decks will be printed.