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Bicycle Royal Scarlet Playing Cards by Collectable Playing Cards (1000 Deck Club)

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The Royal Scarlet Deck by Collectable Playing Cards is our second deck in our 1000 deck club. The cards are textured in Red, White and Black and they are as rare as a Kings fortune. The pips are a a clean and clear design which look fantastic fanned out. The tuck case displays a perfect spade with an upside down heart giving it a bit more life. Be one of the very few to own this majestic deck.

This deck is part of Collectable Playing Card's 1000 DECK CLUB. Only 1000 decks will be printed with an exclusive "CPC 1000 Deck Club" seal. Own one of the first 1000 decks to be printed! If any of these decks should be reprinted in the future, they will host the standard Bicycle seal.

Total Print Run for Bicycle Royal Scarlet was 945