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Bicycle Sanshusha Playing Cards 2021 -Black

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Sanshusha is a printing company with over 100 years of history. It was Sanshusha that printed the magazine Shirakaba, which is indispensable in the history of Japanese literature. For that reason, it seems that literary figures such as Saneatsu Mushanokoji, Naoya Shiga, and Takeo Arishima often went to \"Sanshusha\" to proofread their manuscripts. In addition to ``Shirakaba,\'\' the literary magazine ``Subaru,\'\' co-published by Ogai Mori, Tekkan Yosano, and Akiko Yosano, as well as other literary magazines such as ``Myojo\'\' and ``Seito,\'\' were also printed by ``Sanshusha.\'\' So Sanshusha is a printing company with a long history that has supported Japanese literature. - It is \"BICYCLE\" by \"Sanshusha\" with such a history. This bicycle is a black version, and the card face incorporates proofreading symbols and typesetting rules unique to a printing company. As a result, the suits are out of alignment, the numbers are wrong, the faces of the face cards are different, and many mistakes are intentionally scattered to express the proof marks, making it an interesting bicycle.