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Chameleons Luxury Green Metallic Playing Cards

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The Chameleons are the first release for Expert Signature, a new playing cards series meant to sport the designs of famous cardistry and magic professionals. The Chameleons deck is designed by Asi Wind, a world-renowned magician.

The Expert’s Classic stock guarantees that the decks don’t vary. Their perfect cut is ideal for faro shuffles (tabled and bottom up). The perfect registration ensures that the borders will never flutter when riffled.

The decks come in Mnemonica order and are cut on the bottom to the Ace of spades.  Mnemonica users will be able to surprise any spectator by simply removing the jokers and cutting. The two custom Jokers depict the Chameleon.

All the decks come in exclusive, synthetic paper tuck cases. The tucks are not only extremely durable, but also waterproof.

The Chameleons Luxury Metallic Green playing cards are a limited print and are likely to become a collector’s item in the near future.