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Funky Flowers with Peace & Love Playing Cards

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Peace & Love Playing Cards

All anyone really wants is Peace and Love. This deck will invoke the memories of long hair and feet bare, sauntering through the days collecting flowers and sharing them freely with others. Stack your best albums on the turntable, burn some incense, and invite your family and friends over to play cards games with this colorful, daisy-laden, Bicycle Peace & Love deck. Mellow out, man.

This deck is part of Collectable Playing Card's 1000 DECK CLUB. Only 1000 decks will be printed with an exclusive "CPC 1000 Deck Club" seal. Own one of the first 1000 decks to be printed! If any of these decks should be reprinted in the future, they will host the standard Bicycle seal.

• Bicycle Branded
• Printed by USPCC
• Air-Cushion Finish
• Hand drawn artwork and custom pips
• 1000 Deck Club Seal

Funky Flowers Playing Cards

Yasuyuki Honne, who is also a game creator, designed this custom bicycle. Mr. Honne has created many custom bicycles in the past, but this time it is designed with the theme of music and changes in the environment of the 60s and 70s, and it is a bicycle with a colorful and pop atmosphere.