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Fury Knight Edition Playing Cards

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Feel the medieval spirit as you use this deck!

The tuck box for the Fury Knight Playing Cards is printed on a shiny silver foil material. Truly a pair of knights in shining armor! Each tuck features a different 4-color process design that's printed directly onto the silver foil material.

The design for the Fury Knight Playing Cards incorporates a chainmail background on the tuck box. It features a green accented shield and a stag head for his crest. It also includes the Knight's preferred style of weaponry - medieval axe.

The Fury Knight back card features a chainmail background and a head-to-head layout of the Fury Knight's shield, stag head crest and medieval axe. The face cards have a metal texture with green full-bleed coloring. The PIPS have a silver metallic look and are inlaid with rivets. The Spades and Clubs have full coverage of green throughout. The Hearts and Diamonds have large center areas with amber coloring. The green and amber color variances help with reading between the suits and overall playability. I used an older Courts set for the Jacks, Queens, and Kings. I felt the old-school design fit perfectly with the rest of the design elements.