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Gilded Fushia Bicycle Cybershock Playing Cards

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The peak of the cyberpunk universe's influence on pop culture was in the 80's and late-'90s, but we have seen the genre striking back into the mainstream over the last few years.

We wanted to create a deck that could reflect the exciting pop culture hype for the fans and, at the same time, have a luxurious look for cardists and magicians. There are very few decks printed with a cyberpunk thematic so far and even less from Bicycle and rarely one with a 3D design. Therefore, this genre was a perfect match and a good choice for our unique style.

Each card was handcrafted and then 3D modeled from scratch. Although it is inspired by the incredible Cyberpunk 2077, Cybershock has its own characters on the court cards, designed exclusively for this project. Only 500 were gilded in this color so it makes a great collector's item.

Please note gilding can wear off with prolonged use.

  • Printed by USPCC on Bicycle Classic stock crushed thinner
  • Magic Air-Cushion finish
  • Unique design with 52 Cards 2 Jokers 2 Extras with the name of the first 50 backers
  • Gilded Fuschia
  • Art by Fernando Matias, produced by Excelsior Playing Cards
  • Limited run of 500 standard decks