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Juan Tamariz Playing Cards

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uan Tamariz is not your typical magician. And, that it is precisely how he became a living legend.

An A-list celebrity in Spain and South America, and beloved internationally by magicians, Juan is one of the most clever and thoughtful figures in magic history. With his distinct style and legendary contributions, Juan Tamariz is truly one-of-a-kind.

Now, after more than a year in the making, a fitting tribute to one of magic’s greatest minds is finally available. Inspired by Juan’s iconic “Magic from my Heart” DVD, Juan Tamariz Playing Cards are the first-ever collaborative effort between Dani DaOrtiz and Jack Nobile (D&J), Grupokaps (Gkaps) and AssoKappa. Every single element of this deck of cards exudes the love, admiration and passion this group shares for Juan Tamariz.

With support from designers Jonathan Cadenazzi and Arnaldo Thomas DeRosa, Juan Tamariz Playing Cards are customized with a variety of special details reflecting Juan’s unique character—from the signature purple colorway to the exclusive silhouette Ace of Spades and matching imaginary violin Jokers.

Yet, what would a deck of cards commemorating Juan Tamariz be without spiders. A symbol originally found his book Sonata, Juan himself is like a spider—weaving a web of ingenuity, creativity and love for magic into everything he does. Spiders are even present in his signature, helping him put an end to every thought. This same signature can be found on the incredible matching cardbox which also features his famous magic melody shooting out of his iconic purple top hat.

Just like the man they commemorate, Juan Tamariz Playing Cards are truly a one-of-a-kind collectable deck of cards that any magician or playing card collector must have in their collection. However, we also all know that Juan Tamariz would never want to see his signature deck of cards go to waste on a shelf. This is why the designers have also meticulously reimagined the face cards to assure they match the overall aesthetic without compromising the familiarity needed to ensure this deck of cards is a practical addition to the arsenal of any magician.