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My Love Playing Card (Numbered Seals) by TCC Presents

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LIMITED EDITION: Only 1314 printed! Will NOT be reprinted. Numbered custom seal

Love Theme

Love is eternal. We human beings have created tons of legends, poems and paintings about love. When people talk about love, it's always with a sweet tone. This is also the inspiration of My Love Playing Cards.

The card case is made of special paper with a comfortable touch. It's full of love in its design. It has red and white colors, with a big heart on the front. In the middle is the phrase, "My Love", and Cupid's arrow. You'll also be able to see lovers' prattle, Cupid's arrows, a love bite, and many hearts.

We use the unified element design on both the playing cards and card case.

Compact, fresh, lovely and sweet is the feeling you will get at first sight!

The Faces are redesigned. If you look carefully enough, you will find a whole new picture if you place the Queen and King together. There are four pictures, then, for you to discover. In addition, you can see many lovely rabbits and other elements about love like a staff, the Eiffel Tower, a heart-shaped balloon, etc.

We strongly believe that you will feel the sweetness and romance we put inside when you actually handle the deck.

Will you receive it?

We hope that you will say
Yes, I do.

Unique Serial Number Label

Limited to 1314. Each one of them has a unique serial number on the sticker. Did I mention that the number 1314 is homophonic to "forever love" in the Chinese region? So it is also meaningful to use 1314 as the quantity for this deck.

I desire to grow old with you without paying.

Single Deck (Exquisite Packing)

Every love is unique, immeasurable and irreplaceable.

Every collection box is packed with a silk ribbon when you receive it, just like an exquisite gift. You can even directly give My Love to your love right out of the box.