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Oxalis Playing cards

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Oxalis Standard Playing Cards is the first deck, designed and created by Vincenzo Alfano (Vincent) a graphic collector of playing cards, produced by the USPCC. With the help of his friend Dario (magician, collector) thanking him by putting his name on the box of this edition, he has created a deck that is suitable for anyone who practices the magnificent arts of card magic and the world of collecting, for whom, therefore, he wants to play cardistry or magic games with cards or, even, for all those who like to have a rare and super limited edition object on the shelves. This deck in fact, is limited to a circulation of only 900 with numbered seal and will never be reprinted.

The idea of Oxalis is based on a passion for the world of plants and on the concepts of enhancement and respect for nature. The etymology of the name derives from the Greek (acute; pungent), due to the acidulous taste of the plant and from (salt), due to the high quantity of oxalic acid. The back of the deck, in particular, refers to a purple variety very similar to a four-leaf clover: "oxalis tetraphilla", whose reference is present throughout the deck, as well as on the box.

But there is much more to discover in this deck, in fact, many things have been explained to leave free interpretation.

  • Limited to 900
  • Bicycle stock, Air Cushion Finish
  • Printed by United States Playing Cards Company
  • Poker size (56 cards)
  • Identical Jokers
  • Two gaff cards
  • Traditional cut
  • Numbered seals