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Striptease Playing Cards

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The sexiest deck on the market has arrived! Introducing the Striptease Deck by Collectable Playing Cards. Striptease looks to break all the rules with an embossed gold glittered tuck case, the first of its kind. It is not meant to come off as raunchy but to portray the underlying classiness of the art form It comes complete with arousing women who look to please all of your dirty little fantasies. Open up the box to sneak a peek at these lovely ladies and all the mystique that comes along with the Striptease Deck.

  • Printed by Expert Playing Cards
  • 100% hand drawn classy artwork
  • Custom breast pips
  • First ever embossed tuck with Gold Glitter Ink.

  • The back card is dressed in black lace and a seal of passion tempting you to flip the card over.

    All of the ladies were hand drawn in their most revealing attire to give the viewer the most for their money. The artwork is simply fantastic and all custom work from the artist. Each court card shows off the most seductive poses a woman can give to a curious viewer.

    The pips are also custom as they show off the woman's figure. The hearts and clubs display the beauty of a woman's breast. The spades give us a perfect bottom dressed in lace and the diamonds show off her fit stomach and front side.

    The Jokers will give you an eye full. It's what you deserve after selected such a rare card.