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The Parlour: Red Edition

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Designed to be at home in the most lavish poker room, in the hands of the most daring magician, sealed on the shelf as part of an extensive collection, or in the pocket of any distinguished Lady or Gentleman, The Parlour Playing Cards are one of the final decks printed by Cartamundi on the legendary SuperLux paper stock using their proprietary B9 true linen finish.

  • Premium Foil Embossed Tuck cases printed by Oath Playing Cards.

  • Designed by Stockholm17 Playing Cards, Sweden.

  • Improved and Customized Court Cards designed to be instantly recognizable yet upon closer inspection reveal unique refinements.

  • Custom TGW Monogram Ace of Spades

  • Illustrated Jokers: Sir Fox, proprietor of playing cards and Shakespeare the Cat, street artist and entertainer extraordinaire.

  • 56 cards including a blank gaff card and a vintage-inspired ad card.

  • Ivory Background that gives a subtlety vintage feel.

  • Mnemonica Deck Order out of the box, for Magician\'s and Mentalists.

  • Classic Mirrored Back Design with TGW Monogram Spade, Rhinoceros Beetles and Damask pattern.