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Whitetail Deer / Camo Playing Cards 2 Pack

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<div class="dangerous-html">Casino quality double deck of playing cards features Mossy Oak's Break-Up Infinity pattern. Each deck has a unique corresponding deer image for each card of the suit.</div></span><span class="f6 mid-gray lh-title w_CI" style="padding-bottom: 0em; margin-bottom: 0em;"><div class="dangerous-html"><br> <b>River's Edge 2-Pack Camo/Deer Playing Cards:</b> <ul> <li>Decks individually wrapped</li> <li>Antlers on back side of all cards</li> <li>Different Deer Scenes-2 pointer on 2, 8 pointer on 8</li> <li>Casino Grade Quality-Double Deck</li> <li>Comes in plastic carrying case and boxed</li>